GEO - Coasters - Black - Brushed Gold-Amindy

GEO - Coasters - Black - Brushed Gold

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These hexagon geometric coasters are a unique hand made accessory, for your coffee table. Adding a pop of colour to your decor with sleek modern lines. They will be the talk of your next party.

Designed and hand made in Melbourne.

Each coaster measuring approximately 10cm at the widest point.

Each piece of plywood has been varnish to protect for accidentally spills, while the back is covered in a black felt.

- If you have an accident, simply wipe the residue away with a cloth. Avoid submerging the coaster in water.
- Fingerprints on the acrylic can be wiped away with a cloth (just like cleaning you glasses).

Timber is a natural source and appearance may vary from photo. Wood grains and knots will vary with each clock.