Care Instructions


We take a lot of care to package your clock as safely as we can, in order for it to arrive to your safely. The clock hands are aluminium, which means if the clock is bounced around on your way home, they may bend slightly or come loose. That is ok!, they’re aluminium. ….Which means they’ll bend back quite easily too!

If you think you need to reshape your clock hands, please be gentle, less is more. If the clock hands become loose or wobbly on the clock and are not able to tell the time properly, place the clock flat on a table or desk and simply move the hands to the 12 O’clock position and press the hands one at a time firmly into the pin in the centre of the clock. Tick tick, tick, boom! Your clock is ready!

Fingerprints on the acrylic can be wiped away easily with a cloth, just like cleaning your glasses!

Changing the time: 
When changing the time, use the dial on the back of the clock to avoid damaging the clock hands. 

Hanging your clock: 
The weight of clock is approx. 500g, we suggest a hook suitable for a higher weight such as 1kg, just to be on the safe side.
If you are aloud to screw of nail into the wall, ensure the nail is in the wall straight and at a 90 degree angle to the wall. If you are renting and can only use the "sticky" hooks, try and use one that has a flat base to the hook, that way the clock won't want to top forward. 

In case of a spill of coffee or wine, ensure to wipe it right away with a damp cloth. Each piece of timber has been varnished for moisture protection, however please don’t submerge your coasters into soapy water, we haven’t taught them how to swim!

As with all our products, each piece is individually handmade. Our earrings do require extra special care, especially the ones made from timber.   Do not get your timber earrings wet, as they are hand painted, and made from a natural material. Getting them wet may result in the paint running or the earring post popping off the timber. 

Like the our timber earrings, avoid getting the timber on cufflinks and necklaces wet as the timber may discolour or come away from the acrylic. If you would like to clean the acrylic from smudges or fingerprints, that can easily be done with a cloth just like you clean your glasses. 

Our little keyrings are quite robust! The only think to be conscience of is avoiding the timber being in contact with any moisture.